Welche Herausforderungen gibt es in der Stickerei?

Challenges in embroidery

There are always designs that are not suitable for embroidery, but we get sent again and again as an order. It’s not that we do not want to work on them, only they do not work that way.

These fall into 5 main categories:

  1. Too much labeling in a much too narrow space – It actually happens that orders are received, which are to be digitized in the size of about 5cm. (Example) We try to make such logos as small as possible, but of course we have to inform you, what works and what does not. This is an extreme example, but happens very often. The caption is particularly challenging because we know what it’s supposed to look like, but if you miss a stitch, the logo is completely wrong. In general, we say that 4mm is the smallest size (Arial) that can be programmed. Less than 4 mm and the device will have holes in the letters, such as A, B, D, O, P, Q, R, (for capital letters)a, b, d, g, o, p, q . The small letters  s  fill out and small blobs form.  
  2. Blending – We can not mix threads to duplicate an effect  (see Abbl) below. Whether the final product is acceptable depends entirely on the subjective expectations of the end user. It should be clear that such effects as these mimic „reflectivity“. Embroidery thread already shines naturally and reflects the light. 
  3. Transparent Effects –  The thread is opaque and you can not see what lies behind the thread on the layer. It is practically impossible to emulate in the embroidery . (See picture) Objects behind windows are also very difficult. 
  4. Distressed effect logos, like that are not good for creating an embroidery. Needle and thread do not have enough resolution to duplicate this effect.
  5. Logo is on hats – The maximum height for a hat logo is 2.25 „high. On some machines you can push the height to 2.5 „. However, you can also damage the product and the machine breaks down. Designs like these are nice, but not a good logo for caps. The lettering is far too small to allow a good embroidery. We want to produce a high quality embroidery file and therefore do not recommend using such logos for this type of embroidery.

Surely you have several versions of a logo. We can always simplify logos so they can be embroidered on caps / hats as much as possible. Of course, we will always let you know in advance if details have to be taken out or the logo needs to be simplified.

Ask us

There are many ways and ways in which we can create individual, individual logos.

So please ask us or write back here.

Your smartpunch team