Unsere Tipps für das Beantworten von negativem Feedback auf Social Media

Good customer service doesn’t just mean taking care of satisfied customers. Occasionally you will get a bad review, but if handled carefully, it doesn’t have to negatively affect your business. When dealing with dissatisfied customers on social media, keep the following tips in mind.

Listen to

When a customer is dissatisfied, they want to feel like someone is taking their worries seriously. Try to monitor mentions of your business, brand, and hashtags you use so you don’t miss out on any negativity. In addition, make sure that you have taken note of the feedback and address this in your answer.

React in time

On social media you can see how quickly you react to negative feedback. While it is not always possible to answer immediately, it is a good idea to have a target time. Larger companies can often have an employee who continuously monitors feedback so responses can be agreed quickly, but for smaller companies this is not always possible. Make sure to show your hours of operation on your Facebook page and other major social media accounts so those who leave negative feedback when you’re not around don’t expect an immediate response. Unfortunately, during opening hours, more than a few hours for the response are considered dismissive and studies show that most members of the public expect

Be helpful and honest

Make sure that when you respond, there is no negativity on your side. Apologize for the problem and ask the right questions to discover more of the facts you need to solve the problem. Avoid having a standard response to all complaints and make sure your responses are tailored to the individual complaint.

Give a public response

Don’t go straight to a private response when someone complains publicly. Remember that other people have already seen the complaint and it is not just the complainant that you need to communicate with. Apologize first, and if you can answer the question or complaint immediately, do so before offering to communicate directly with the complainant in private. If the decision to appeal involves finding personal or sensitive information, you should apologize and then tell the complainant that you will send them a private message for further discussion.

Not all negativity needs an answer

There is a difference between realizing a customer concern and trolling. There are people who regularly post negative comments online just to piss people off. If the comments are aggressive or offensive for no apparent reason, then it’s okay to just ignore them. You could indicate that you have a policy for this type of comment and warn users in advance that it could be removed. However, it is recommended that you should be careful about deleting comments as it could lead to further problems and further angry comments. On Facebook, you can hide the comment so only certain people can see it. This ensures that your loyal and honest customers are only exposed to real comments.

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